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Acuhorn S2 stereo tube amplifiers output transformerless type. Single ended, class A. Hi-tech architecture amplifier with Vicor modules DC-DC converters. The profit of 6C33C tubes the highest level of Amperes in the world. The huge level setup class A per tube is 600mA. Acuhorn amplifier connected the fastest power supply technology with vintage audiophile tubes' qualities. The Vicor power modules at 2MHz is excellently supporting splendid performance in audio. Created a powerful amplifier in pure class A, the beauty of the single ended triode for audiophiles. Each tube operates independently with self-regulation. Input voltage mains autoranging 90-264Vac. Include stepped attenuator volume control.

technical specifications
input voltage mains autoranging 90-264Vac
maximum input power 460 W
OTL tube amplifier type
single ended SE 6C33C triode in class A
stepped attenuator volume control
grid transformer drive
input sensitivity 2V
output power tube 2x3W (mono mode 6W)
internal cable occ copper
terminal rhodium
weight 3,5 kg
dimensions W 320 x D 460 x H 26 mm

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Audiophiles review S2
Very thanks for all. Now I tested. First listen....I am shocked with very deep bass.... This is OTL??? Sure , they are not as accurate, but voiced...because they are tubes...Very nice! Female vocals ? Breathtaking...Violin, guitar , saxophone? Very lively , surprising. Very musical amplifier. I walk around in a swimsuit :) I know ... it warms...I will listen and I will write again. Btw. absolutely perfect package... Speakers : Triangle Magellan Cello. Source : Teac CD. Yes, I now that S2 is true OTL. This was joke. :) Everywhere he writes that OTL have no bass....

High Fidelity review Acuhorn S2
Acuhorn S2 3 watts per channel forced me to use Acuhorn 15 high-efficiency loudspeakers to test this amplifier. I switched it a few times with two other, fantastic 300B SET amplifiers - my own modified Art Audio Symphony II and Air Tight ATM-300 Anniversary.

Several elements of this presentation were still quite impressive - with classical music I enjoyed exceptional clarity and transparency of a detailed sound, also timbre of instruments seemed very natural.

Once I started listening to Miles Davis, Coltrane, Ben Webster, and some (slightly) more recent productions such as, Keith Jarrett's albums, I simply couldn't stop. S2 delivered a performance somewhat different from probably all other amplifiers familiar to me (tube and solid-state).

Firstly, the soundstage - S2 renders quite large one, but not huge. It is wider, if the recording allows, than the distance between speakers, and also front to back distance is rather impressive – that's a common feature with good SETs (single-ended triode amplifiers).

Imaging is also very convincing, although achieved by rendering full, weighty bodies of individual instruments rather than particularly precise contouring of each of them. The size of individual instruments is accurate.

The amplifier conveys ambiance of recordings in a very realistic way. It takes proper care of all phases of the sound – there is a fast attack followed by correct sustain and finally a long decay. The said initial phase of the sound is not just fast, but rather immediate, and yet attack is not hard on the edges nor dry.

Many SETs are not capable of reproducing such immediacy of the attack, although exceptions to this rule occur, but only among far more expensive amplifiers than S2. Here the presentation was quick, precise, vigorous, but never aggressive.

Just as good SET amplifiers, the S2 rendered a delicate, but at the same open and tuneful treble. For me, it is very important that I can “hear” a lot of air around instruments and the Polish amplifier delivered plenty.

Yet another, beautiful experience S2 provided me with was the way it rendered female and male vocals, both jazz and classical ones. And as before I spent many hours listening to good old jazz, now with an equally great pleasure I listened to numerous vocal recordings. These were rendered in a particularly natural way, with amazing accuracy of timbre and texture, with abundance of smallest details giving away secrets of singing techniques, and even small imperfections of some recordings that made them sound even more natural.

Like all high-end tube amplifiers, Acuhorn S2 beautifully conveys the emotional side of music. Addictive, engaging, it turns listening into something more, into a wonderful musical experience. If you are looking for a device that will allow you experience music, Acuhorn S2 is what you're looking for.

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