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Acuhorn TT original tube amplifier, if you want to experience the sound of one huge tube. A supply power with ultra state of the art DC-DC converters working at mega speed. The idea origins are like in the first amplifiers Western Electric. The amplifier is classical output transformer and applies grid input transformers similar to UTC LS-10. Here is only one serviceable element, the single ended SE 6C33C triode, to be exchanged.

technical specifications
input voltage mains autoranging 90-264Vac
maximum input power 280W
one tube amplifier type
single ended SE 6C33C triode in class A
input and output transformer
input sensitivity 2V
output power tube 2x6W (mono mode 12W)
output impedance 4 ohm and 8 ohm
internal cable occ copper
terminal rhodium
weight 11 kg piece
dimensions W85 D320 H280 mm

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