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Acuhorn R2R, a tiny modern design that twins with the RATE amplifier. Just to get closer to the recovery of music playing as it was at the beginning. Today there is no better way for digital to analogue converter than to load to the programmable logic with as much computing power. To split the signal into millions of particles and unload onto a discrete ladder of analog resistors. It's like a stylus diamond traveling through a vinyl groove.

technical specifications
input voltage mains autoranging 90-264Vac
maximum input power 20W
discrete R-2R sign magnitude DAC type
digital volume control
3 signal input I2S by RPi, SPDIF Coax and Toslink
2 audio output R-2R direct and buffered
internal cable OCC copper
terminal rhodium
weight 1,5kg
dimensions W 320 x D 200 x H 28mm

acuhorn R2R + RATE review highfidelity
acuhorn R2R manual

Review and Award RED Fingerprint in High Fidelity
For me the breakthrough was the amplifiers of Japanese company SPEC Shirokazu Yazaki. The same is true, as I think, with the Acuhorn amplifier. With the fact that here we can immediately see that we are dealing with something completely different. It's a sound that would very easily be described as "classic sound of tubes, SET". And it's not even 300B, and the rarer, extremely musical, triodes 45 and 2A3. RATE plays in a relaxed way, building huge space. This is a characteristic of power triodes, which is extremely difficult to repeat in other constructions.

The amplifier also builds a very reliable body of instruments. It does not cut them from the background, but it shows in the solid way. But this is the finite, clearly. Instruments interact brilliantly, primarily through space differentiation and in color. Because color seems to me most important. It shares with RATE the file player and DAC - the whole play is extremely colorful, but the colors of Dutch masters rather than Pop Art.

The point is that high tones are not stingy, and yet there is nothing missing in it. The whole is slightly retracted. So we get beautiful plasticity and high energy. But the absence of a rough attack and an annoying high frequency shows an image of analogue sound. The player is a good example of a "no harm" school.

Music played from the Ancient Audio AIR V-edition transport, via SPDIF input, had more energy, was better defined and more in action, was a clear drama. The DAC in R2R has similar characteristics, that is, it withdraws the apparent sources outside the line connecting the speakers and builds a credible space in our room, does not carry us instruments, and us into that space.

But at the same time, it is extremely resolution and more strongly highlights dynamic changes. Each of these elements is trying to reach the source of music, that is to the emotions, from the reflection on the message, on what we hear. The system does not attack us with information, but it distil them subcutaneously, smuggle in larger packages, so we do not catch on the so-called "detail split parts".

I would say that R2R together with RATE draw more assumptions and a message based on them, thorough analysis of them moving away. so to speak, the event horizon. It's all there is, but we have access to that, in less consciousness than unambiguous devices.


The Acuhorna system plays music in an extraordinary way. Sound is a phonograph record and the SET amplifiers. This is technology, very well controlled low bass and supreme calm. They build a huge soundstage - deep, surrounding listener, with the first plans behind the loudspeaker line. The amplifier sounds soft, but it's incredibly resolution.

This, apart from the SPEC amplifiers, is a device of this type that I would classify with a pure heart into a sophisticated high-end, where you do not have to prove anything. Have I said that it is a similar aesthetics like that presented by Kondo Overture II? So I say. New devices produce music in which the heart is the most important postulates of analog fanatics: firstly music, secondly emotions and thirdly the need to distinguish. Award RED Fingerprint.

R2R ladder 28 bit resolution 384Khz dac by famous Soekris
loaded FPGA Spartan 6 technology oversampling up to 3.072Mhz
frequency range +0.1dB -1.0dB 20hz - 20Khz
total harmonic distortion + noise <0.015%
signal to noise ratio 127dB A weighted
automatic input selection I2S input up to 384KHz or SPDIF input up to 192KHz
R-2R direct single ended output: 1.4V RMS Zout 625ohm
for high impedance input transformer or input tube amplifier
buffered single ended output: 2V RMS Zout 10ohm
for any input amplifier or headphones >300ohm by adapter cable

server runs on Raspberry Pi of single board computers
low Latency and Real-Time Audio kernels
384KHz output via I2S interface
support for DSD64 and DSD128
compatible with all formats music: MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, ALAC, DSD
UPNP\DLNA, Airplay, Spotify and Web-Radios, etc
controlled wifi from remote running on smartphones, tablets, notebooks
for control playback and settings use any audiophile music player for RPi

power supply is the best Vicorpower modules
DC-DC converters provides high power density and low noise
high frequency Mhz switching
advanced power processing in a small size
autoranging 90-264Vac network voltage, for worldwide use

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