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acuhorn M4 monoblock tube amplifiers output transformerless type. Single ended, class A. Hi-tech architecture amplifier with Vicor modules DC-DC converters. Audio path solid core PCOCC copper.

technical specifications:
input voltage mains autoranging 90-264Vac 47-440Hz
maximum input power 460 W per monoblock
power tubes 6C33C four per channel
driver tube subminiature
21 stepped attenuator volume control
output power 7W
weight 3,6 kg piece
dimensions W 320 x D 460 x H 26 mm

acuhorn rosso superiore175
acuhorn nero125
acuhorn giovane85
Product lines
improved audio
Award & Review
acuhorn nero125 Enjoy The Music superior audio
acuhorn nero125 TNT-Audio
acuhorn rosso superiore175 High Fidelity Award of the Year 2007
acuhorn nero125 High Fidelity Award of the Year 2004