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I received the amps today and everything is fine. I'm simply blown away. This is definetely one of the best amps concerning midrange and higher frequencies that I listened to in my life. Even with only mid-quality recordings the sound is great. I have to discover all my material again. The power is enough for my lowthers. My preamp is a Spectral DMC-15 and I think they really fit together. Great imaging and placement of instruments. The overall sound is extremely organic and transparent but not transistor-cold. Definetely better than my EL84 monoblocks. Thank you very much!!!

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acuhorn Stereo 3
acuhorn Mono 6 monoblock

Award Statement High Fidelity Best Amplifier 2010 mono3.5

acuhorn rosso superiore175
acuhorn nero125
acuhorn giovane85
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acuhorn nero125 Enjoy The Music superior audio
acuhorn nero125 TNT-Audio
acuhorn rosso superiore175 High Fidelity Award of the Year 2007
acuhorn nero125 High Fidelity Award of the Year 2004