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we are very satisfied with our new dream for our clients. This is a driver with great technological innovation, containing the results of research of reference audio. There is much more power offering splendid listening experience. First class improvement of electric efficiency reconstructs the magnificent music productions recorded with freshness of innovation. While looking at its hi-tech internal construction one gets the spirit of tradition, innovation and passion. Bringing our clients the possibility of dreaming, dreaming with acuhorn. It has this special taste, is a step forward. There are many excellent speakers, yet when you hear this one, it is such a great evolution. Itís just beautiful to listen and watch.

improved audio series
acuhorn nero125
acuhorn rosso superiore175
concept design development acuhorn nero125
acuhorn nero125 improved audio manual
acuhorn rosso superiore175 improved audio manual

acuhorn rosso superiore175
acuhorn nero125
acuhorn giovane85
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improved audio
Award & Review
acuhorn nero125 Enjoy The Music superior audio
acuhorn nero125 TNT-Audio
acuhorn rosso superiore175 High Fidelity Award of the Year 2007
acuhorn nero125 High Fidelity Award of the Year 2004