acuhorn secco145 designed for the suggestive mid with atmospheric performance. Soundspace is precisely engraved with each detail. Accurate location of musicians on a soundstage. One could hear the distance between instruments. The driverís big light diaphragm with the smallest ratio of weight to surface offers a direct, full and dynamic reproduction. Positioned in the middle of a room, parallelly and close to each other these loudspeakers boast their best features. They will surprise you with the tremendous presence to instruments and voices offering the finer version of chamber music. Classical music is sophisticated, dry and natural.

technical specifications:
wooden acoustic horn type
driver acuhorn TSR200
impedance 8 ohm
sensitivity 96 dB
internal silver cable Siltech G5
terminal WBT-0730 signature
weight 25 kg piece
dimensions W 20 x D 30 x H 145 cm