acuhorn loudspeakers introduced a new standard of soundstage presentation. Our manufacture developed a genuine solution of sound processing. An acoustic wave is divided with a unique method providing a total phase conformity so that reproduction of the original recording becomes precise and clear. By applying a full wooden jacket with alternating active and opposite sides of wood structure elements we devised a proper musical instrument. acuhorn series project features a holographic spaciousness of sound with a grasp of dynamics and suggestive sound reproduction unmet before. Modernistic innovative designs of acuhorn loudspeakers for audiophile systems combine in an uncompromised way the best components. Cabinets made of selected power pressed wood material, finished with finest exclusive natural veneers. Specially manufactured great evolution hi-tech acuhorn TSR200 drivers with neodymium magnet system. Binding posts WBT Nextgen and cabling by silver Siltech cables for clear audio path.

modern music line
acuhorn nero125
acuhorn rosso superiore175

classical music line
acuhorn secco145
acuhorn grand biancore155