acuhorn rosso superiore175 with nagra CDC & PMA. Nagra is like sparkling famous Champagne tasty from the first sip, but what is the best in it we receive after a while, intoxication with deep and splendidly myriad bouquet of dynamics. Colours and emotions. Starting with felt mountain, and it was a beautiful story by goldfrapp since we became recipients and participants of the tale. The number of dynamic layers, infiltrating differentiated fields, colourful decays contained in abundant low frequencies moved us into another dimension. We received a surge of music that fulfilled each cubic centimetre. At the same time coherent and homogenous performance with the certainty that it should sound exactly like that even though never experienced in this way before. It remains within for long as the synthesis we had had no access to. Sonic experimental diversities of Dani Siciliano from her Likes... were reproduced just as they were slapped with friends. Richness of acoustic forms, passion and originality got through to your mind. Relax, emotion. You acknowledged not the musical form, not the content, but the creator's identity entered with vibrating air and through your body. From one Hertz to high frequencies, how beautiful they are. Each tone dwells in an overall whole with continuum of more meaning up to infinity. Truly unexpected spectrum. This is a quite another momentary added value.

Three parts system:
acuhorn rosso superiore175 loudspeakers
nagra PMA solid state monoblock amplifiers
nagra CDC CD player with volume control