acuhorn nero125 with DCS Paganini and DartZeel NHB-108. Cibelle my favorite thing itself, The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves, began to speak to me with new values, found new expression, of speech. Most fruit arrived at low frequencies. It surprised me from the depths. It's not about quantity, or volume which is sufficient. It is precisely about constructing a better quality of building a better foundation. A thorough in-depth and possibility of an analysis of cases expanding from sub bass until mid bass was my true joy. Starting from the Green Grass when the microphones are turned on, and that warm support of the choir swaying Basso continuo. In such acoustic conditions the girl can sing her divine little notes. As in a dream Por Toda A Minha Vida, that without the construction of color and form of absolutely lowest level of Hzs would be but the nonentity. We know how important the source is. Those who seek the truth go in the high-end mountains. What will we do with this treasure, we shall put next proper parts of the audio setup in order not to lose it. I mean what we define as individuality, the color of a voice, a unique master of sound in a recording studio. How many times I have heard the legendary Air, maybe even 10000 times. And now with the new 125 it is better, much better, when on the path of acoustic record there is more information we get a delicious feast. We can say yes, it is Never Heard Before.

Three parts system:
acuhorn nero125 improved audio loudspeakers
DartZeel NHB-108 model one dual mono power amplifier
dCS paganini CD SACD Transport and DAC with volume control