acuhorn grand biancore155 are slim, elegant and modern in design. They offer an encounter with a unique object, provide unforgettable experience while turning the listening room into the best world concert halls. These dipol loudspeakers precisely reproduce the soundstage and present it with a true flourish with model neutrality and vividness. The coherence of the whole acoustic band with natural creation of soundspace. Selected drivers in wooden acoustics vigorously paint the engrossing result, rich tones of instruments in spatial depth. From the first moment the listener has an impression of unusual clarity and quality of sounds. Now music is reproduced in the manner I have always dreamt of.

technical specifications:
wooden acoustic twin horn dipol type
double driver acuhorn TSR200
impedance 4 ohm
sensitivity 101 dB
internal silver cable Siltech G6
terminal Nextgen WBT-0710 Ag
weight 60 kg piece
dimensions W 20 x D 60 x H 155 cm